Sissy Cuck Humiliation
You're beautiful :) x

Aww…I like these sweet messages too :) xoxo

Wow, well I guess it all adds up - you really should have been born a girl. As a girl you'd have been special, popular, beautiful. As a boy you're inadequate. Disappointing. It's not too late though...

Yeah, maybe I should have been born a girl.

Why aren't there any pictures of your pussy on here? Think you're too "special" and "precious"? Or maybe you're just frigid? No bull worth his salt is going to want you unless he knows he's getting a nice, tight, little pussy to blow his load in when he can't be fucked making an effort with his women. Sometimes all we want is a fuckhole, somewhere to dump our cum. That's where your sissy ass comes in. Now bend over, spread for the camera and get posting. That's an order faggot.

Thank you for your message Sir. There are quite a few photos of me on my blog, but unfortunately my life has not allowed me time recently to properly photograph myself in ways that would be pleasing.

me dressed up like a prissy girl

me dressed up like a prissy girl



1. Send this guide to someone you think would enjoy owning a sissy.

2. Post it to your blog so potential owners will be encouraged to contact you.

3. Be a good little slut.

This guide applies to me :)

In case you missed it :)

This slut knows how to take it.