Sissy Cuck Humiliation
You're adorable. I love the shots of you in your panties and cage, and the drool from your sissy clit is so scrumptious. It would be great fun to watch you lick it up. Have you taken a strap on, or just fucked your own pussy with those suction cup cocks? M

You’re far too sweet Miss :)

I haven’t yet had someone else take my ass. 

So do you make use of bulls or alpha cocks with your wife. I'm a bull just asking.

Happy to discuss more privately if you’d like Sir. My email is chas19839 at gmail.

I disagree. I think that if sissy losers want to establish a pecking order, let them. Even if there's one on top beating another sissy's balls black and blue, she's still a little bitch who'll get on her knees the second a bull walks in the room. They're all still losers, who cares if one bitch gets to pick on another?

I defer to my superiors in this debate…