Sissy Cuck Humiliation
Pretty simple really

Pretty simple really

A sissy loser like you has to be exposed eventually. You know it's your place to be publicly humiliated. Shave yourself from the neck down like a good little slut. It's hard work - you'll hate it. But the whole time you're doing it, remember that you're a worthless sissy who has to keep herself smooth. When you're done, take a sharpie and write "sissy clit" on your little white penis. Kneel and take a photo of it and post here or send it to me to post. I have thousands of followers.



Yes sir :) I can’t do it tonight but I will post my sissy clit just for you. Just reading this message has my clitty all wet ;)

There’s the pictured you asked for :)

Now we just need to get that sissy dicklet locked in a nice little cage and padlocked.


I know the captions aren’t always as exciting or original as the stories, but they’re easy and fun for me when I don’t have fresh story ideas. You’ll have to put up with them ;)


I get a lot of messages asking for new additions to the story. It’s very flattering - I’m glad so many people enjoy them! 

Unfortunately though, I can really only write good content when I feel genuinely excited about an idea. Right now I’m not sure where to take this story, but I’m thinking about starting a new story series or maybe one or two one-offs.

Anyway, thanks for the sissy love!

Didn’t mean to confuse anyone with my last post. It’s not a brand new chapter - the In-Laws chapter has just been added to the full collection to make it easier to read in sequence.

You may proceed to binge-read the story of poor sissy crissy :)