Sissy Cuck Humiliation
Good boy. One of the things I hate seeing is a little sissy getting full of himself and thinking he has some form of power (even if it's just controlling other baby-dicked losers). I've seen it happen with the girl I fuck's bf. It's only when I haven't seen them in a couple months, and his tail goes back between his legs as soon as she kisses me in front of him again. I expect that you're the same way

Yes Sir, my tail tends to tuck back fairly quickly as well.

"All I ask is that you treat me like the panty-wearing sissy that I am." This quote is straight from your blog. Don't forget your place, sissy. The only reason you should be talking to other tiny-dicked boys is so you can find a partner to help lick the sweat from between my toes

Yes Sir or Miss. Thank you for the reminder.

I've noticed that you have flashes of dominant behavior towards other sissies. Would you call yourself the "top bitch" among sissy faggots? I know you've got a master of your own you keep happy, but do you have any sissies of your own to kick around?

I do have a little dominant streak sometimes…more just mean I guess. I do like being sent punishment videos from other sissies, and I would enjoy being a keyholder for some little bitch :)

Hello! I'm a burgeoning sissy myself. I'm a true bitch at heart, but how do I go about finding a master to help teach me the ways of being a bitch?

Start a tumblr and post photos of yourself and the region you live in. Be persistent and keep working at it - if you’re an attractive little slut you will start getting messages.

submit, sissies

I want a video to post of a sissy bending over and smacking her own little nuts with a ruler or paint stir stick. Not nearly enough of these out there.