Sissy Cuck Humiliation
sissy ricky

im a nervous sissy loser who wants to be laughed at and exposed to everyone if I was talking to a girl in a bar all someone would have to do is say get up that’s my chair leave the money .then order me to strip nude and scurry out of the bar while everyone laughs and takes pictures

You don’t deserve to have money or a reputation, loser. I’m sure a kind superior will be happy to help you along your path, sissy.

Nice blog We are a young learning cuckhold cple follow us Vanessa Xx Bangmybabeplease (kik)

Next time submit a pic of her clicking the lock on your chastity cage shut.

Great hot blog! I'm a married white guy who is in the same boat as you. Keep up the great work!

Thanks! Now go lick your wife’s ass, sissy.

Wow, you are so fucking beautiful. Love the pics where you are all shaved and creamy smooth. You look good enough to eat, baby. And your cock is so adorable. Nevermind the size, it's gorgeous. I want to suckle the soft glans all day. And such a delicious round butt. You are 100% pretty, cute and yummy. All the best honey. XOX

Aww…sweetest message ever. XOXO ;)



You ever think about just taking the plunge and living as a girl? I've heard about men with your condition (it's called micropenis) doing that and living much happier lives afterwards. Believe me, no matter how sweet or kind we may act, no woman would consider you a real man once they knew so I really think you should consider it. I really don't think it's right or fair for you to pretend to be a man when you're not one. I hope you appreciate my good intentions in telling you the truth x Laura x

Thanks Miss Laura :)

I’ve definitely considered it, and I may attempt the full switch at some point. Thanks for the advice.

I'm looking for a couple with a cuck hubby and a hot wife. I'd love to buy a cb6000 to keep the sissy pantie wearing faggot clit locked. His wife and I would hold the keys. This is the way I see it; as a cuck, you would fluff your wife and me while we make out. We'll stroke your head and tell you that you're doing a good job. You'll watch us fuck and you can even pinch your nipples but don't you dare touch your sissy cock. Wife and I will collapse andttell you to clean up. I know this is whLar

Sounds pretty good to me.

Nice submission…bonus for a pic of her dangling the key in front of your helplessly locked little sissy dick.

Locked up sissy and hot girlfriend

Nice submission…bonus for a pic of her dangling the key in front of your helplessly locked little sissy dick.

Locked up sissy and hot girlfriend

Haha, you schooled that diaper wearing fuck!

I feel bad for people with this fetish.

I love your blog, it's perfect for an aspiring sissy cuck like me! One day I might even be able to wear big girl panties, that is if I can ever stop wetting my diapers. Do you think I can be a good cuck even if I'm diapered?

I’m not one to begrudge anyone their fantasies. However, I do think that part of being a good submissive is making your Dom’s life more pleasant. The diaper fetish is in my opinion impractical, and creates a burden or hassle for your superiors while providing almost nothing beneficial to them. This is in stark contrast with cuckolding or sissy maid service, which provide your partners or owners with sexual freedom and physical services that make their lives more pleasant.