Sissy Cuck Humiliation
Are you owned?
I would love to hear from some truly owned sissies...especially financially owned sissies. I've shared some of my experiences...let's hear yours : )
The In-Laws - Great story again. But is Crissy allowed to choose punishment for her, and do you think that curtsying is enough to thank Don for her discipline? :) Don't go to soft :)

Good thoughts :)

The In-Laws (part 2)

The In-Laws (part 2)

My father-in-law did in fact hit it off quite well with Don. They sat in the living room and talked about things that were foreign to me. I had never gotten along especially well with Steph’s dad. But in Don he finally had someone he could relate to when he came to visit us.

I timidly continued serving snacks and drinks, spending as much time as possible in the kitchen away from the eyes of Steph’s parents. I knew better than to dilly-dally too long though, so I spent a lot of the evening quietly kneeling close to Don and Steph’s feet awaiting instructions as they talked and laughed.

After a few beers, Steph’s dad was ready to ask some more detailed questions about our arrangement.

“So, has the maid had some kind of surgery or something? You know, to make her into a trans-whatever they call them?”

Steph looked at Don, choosing to let him answer. “Well, not exactly” he replied. “She still has her little parts, but they’re kept locked so she can’t play with herself.”

Steph’s dad tilted his head, not sure if he understood. “What do you mean, locked? You mean like some kind of chastity belt from the middle ages?”

Don just smiled “Crissy - show the nice gentleman how your little device works.”

I only hesitated for a moment, but I could see Don taking mental note of it and I shuddered.

I stood up in front of my father-in-law and lifted my skirt and frills with one hand, and pulled down my panties with the other.

The laughter and knee-slapping was horrible. I didn’t dare move. I just stood like a deer in the headlights, wishing I could be anywhere but right there having to show off my horrible little clit cage.

Finally he motioned for me to go back to where I was. I was very close to crying as I fell back to Don’s feet, pulling my panties back in place.

“So where are the keys for the little tube?” Steph’s dad asked. Don smiled and pulled his keyring out of his pocket, jingling them for a second before putting them back. Steph’s dad just leaned over and gave him a congratulatory fist bump. “Talk about total ownership - I didn’t know it was possible to own somebody that bad.”

Steph could see that I was on the edge of tears. “Now sweety, no crying over a little show. You know we need to be able to show off our little maid, don’t you?”

I nodded. At least her tone of voice was gentle.

“But look at the clock hon - it’s getting well past your bedtime.”

Steph’s mom looked at her, slightly confused.

“Oh, bedtime for maids is nine o’clock every night. They say it’s best for them to have strict patterns so they can keep their silly little heads straight. Isn’t that right, sweety?”.

I nodded again.

I also knew what this meant. I hadn’t thought of it until just now. I would have to take my bedtime discipline in front of my in-laws. The dread in my stomach turned in knots. How good had I been that day? I stretched to think of times I had gone above and beyond expectations in my duties.

But then I realized that tonight wouldn’t be just about that. Don would thoroughly enjoy displaying his authority over me as he administered my bedtime discipline. I stood up and requested permission to leave the room for a moment, knowing what I needed to do.

I came back moments later with both the leather strap and the wooden ruler. I walked over to Don and knelt, offering him the cruel implements. “Please Sir, I have been hesitant in my obedience to you Sir, and I have been lazy in my maid duties. If it pleases you Sir, I would be honored to have fifty strokes with the strap to my bare bottom, and ten swats to my balls with the ruler for my lack of immediate obedience.”

The in-laws just sat back, taking in the show…not sure exactly what was going to happen.

Don nodded and told me to bend over and pull my panties down. I didn’t try to hide anything - I knew what he would want. I turned so my ass would be towards Steph’s parents as I bent over, exposing my bare ass.

Don took his time, welting my ass good all over. As usual, I howled and jumped and cried and whimpered. But I demonstrated just how obedient I was to him as well, never trying to protect my red and blistered ass from the rain of heavy blows.

But the real show came when he told me to present my balls for punishment. I bent over further, pushing my balls back between my legs, making an easy target for the ruler.

The neighbors could undoubtedly hear my feminine squeals as my little nuts were pelted with the hard stick.

I was hardly able to stand and pull my panties up by the time the tenth blow was struck. As I stood, Steph started clapping, and her parents joined in. Don smiled. I curtsied and thanked him for my discipline. I knew it was an enjoyable moment for him.

Steph pointed to the stairs, and I made my way to bed.