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Sissy Ownership Guide!! Part 1 - Introduction

I’m taking a little break from fiction, and I’ve been working on creating a guide for anyone interested in owning a sissy. I hope it’s helpful!

While this guide will hopefully be useful to anyone interested in the idea of owning a sissy, a primary goal in writing this is to introduce the idea of sissy ownership to people who are relatively unfamiliar with the concept. Chances are, almost regardless of where you are, there is a potential slave near you who would love nothing more than to be allowed to serve you. And while the seemingly crazy psychology of these extremely submissive (fe)males might feel complex initially, there really are some basic guidelines that will make bringing one (or three) into your life very enjoyable.

If you’re sitting at your computer right now, a bit bored, a little horny, but not feeling like going out…a sissy could be perfect for you. In most situations a sissy won’t replace your primary companion, but they can be a great addition. If you’re a guy, chances are you’re considering whether or not to get a quick fap in tonight before bed. Instead, have a sissy on call. She could be under your desk softly sucking your cock right now as you read.

Ladies, you might love the same kind of attention, or opt instead for a long massage.

No one is more obedient and eager to serve than a sissy, and there are generally no strings attached whatsoever. Have her rub your feet and make you dinner, then tell her to do your dishes and clean up the kitchen before sending her home.

Sound perfect? It’s pretty close.

Up next - finding the right gurl…

Male(sissy) issue i need some advice! i'm 21 years old male and i have a girlfriend(she knows). I would love te become a submissive sissy for big cocks and women. But my cock is 6,5 inch and my gf enjoys it. Reason i want to by a sissy and no more dominant: I do premature, love anal, sissy cloths and feeling inferior to big cocks that can last long. How to explain/pursway my gf? And to become sissy with 6,5 inch cock? Thanks for reading.

Small secret: it’s actually not so much about penis size as it is about your personality. It’s just that if you have a tiny penis it’s kind of inevitable that you will only be useful as a sissy. 

You're adorable. I love the shots of you in your panties and cage, and the drool from your sissy clit is so scrumptious. It would be great fun to watch you lick it up. Have you taken a strap on, or just fucked your own pussy with those suction cup cocks? M

You’re far too sweet Miss :)

I haven’t yet had someone else take my ass.