Sissy Cuck Humiliation
So wimp, did you go buy those panties like you said you were going to? If you did, but were scared to put them on, you should put them on now, cause a real man is talking to you! Are you worried about your wife finding out? I bet she doesn't look at or care what's covering up your "dicklet" as you put it, and you probably do all the laundry anyway. And oh yeah, Patti told me about you calling women bitches and how you shouldn't say that, and she's right, you shouldn't, even if most of them are. She also said that she's going to tell you how I met her and David. It's a pretty funny story. Well, talk to ya later, sissy. Bruno

I’m ashamed to say that I was too much of a wuss even to do this. I was at the department store looking at some frilly pink panties, trying to figure out which size to get, when a male friend walked by. I blushed bright red and pretended to be looking at something else, then quickly walked out of the store. I guess it makes sense that a sissy like me wouldnt have what it takes to do something that frightens me so much. I know I should have just accepted the humiliation and chosen a pair of pink panties while he watched, but I just didn’t have the balls to do it. 

So I’m reading your message, embarrassed and ashamed, and tucking my little dicklet back between my legs in the presence of a real man.

I do look forward to hearing the story of how you met Patti and her wuss.

I will never call her or any other woman a bitch; that’s a privilege that only real men like yourself have.