Sissy Cuck Humiliation
Hey, CeCe. Bruno here. Nice job with the pictures. Only problem is my names not in any of them. Hey, if there are any with brothers, maybe you could put Judson's name, he'd probably get a kick out of that. Your'e like the king of captions, or maybe I should say queen. And I gotta say David picked out some hotties. I shouldn't be surprised because he's with Patti (I'm still trying to figure that one out, but she's happy with him, so what the hell, right?). Of course, it's kind of like a dog chasing a car, even if he caught one, what would he do with her? Me, I really dig the smiley one in the bra, showing her sweet pink. I would wear her OUT. I guess David could have the creampie, or maybe not (I'll explain). Last night, I had David doing the snowblowing for me again. He's getting better at it, almost as good as me, but he's got the handicap of wearing a buttplug. Anyway, this freed me up to work out some. I was about done pumping iron when there was a knock at my door. I was just in my shorts, so I put a sweatshirt on, figuring it was a tenant to complain about something. Happily, it was Mary. I didn't have anything lined up, though I was thinking of calling Jen. She came in and said "Hi, lover. Are you up for a double date?" "What, some girlfriend of yours and her stud? I've been lifting weights, I'd have to shower up." "No, not that kind of double date. I've got a surprise for you." She opened the door and waved, and in came her mother-in-law, Paula, you know, Blaine's mom that was at the Super Bowl party? "Well make yourselves comfortble, ladies. Let me take your coats, and your blouses. Hell, let me take your bra's." Then I stripped off while they knelt down. "Who wants my shaft and who wants my balls?" Paula piped up "If it's all the same to you, Bruno..." and paused. "What" "Can I get behind? You smell so good and sweaty." She started snaking her tongue up and down my crack while Mary throated me. I held out for a while, but God Damn! I had to shoot off in Mary's wet little mouth. Then Paula came around and the two of them snowballed for a while til they had swallowed all my cum. After that, we jumped in the sack. We had some Beam and cola, and Mary suggested that she and Paula do a little show for me. "What, your'e cheerleader routine?" "No, Bruno, just some girl-on-girl for you to watch. I was talking to Paula before, the two of us have so much in common. We both love cock, we both have pussies, I married her pussy son." "I should have warned you, Mar." "That's okay Paula, I'll just lay down and you can make it up to me now, sweetie." After a while, we passed out. We got up this morning, and Paula looked at her cell. "14 missed calls. Oh, hubby's probably worried sick, I didn't tell him where I was going. I better get back." She turned and gave me a deep kiss. "Thanks ever so, Bruno. This is the first time since the Super Bowl that I've felt like a real satisfied woman, in all three holes. Can you be a dear and escort me to my car?" I was a bit hungover, and definitely fucked out, and didn't feel like getting dressed. "I can do you one better, and get you a special escort." I phoned up to Patti and asked if David could do the honor of escorting Blaine's mom to her car. She said that David was "prettied up" and asked if it was okay. I replied Sure, it's early enough, probably no one would see him and it would only take a couple minutes. Shit, my work phone just rang. I'll finish this later on.

(I got some error message so Im sending this again.)

Wow Sir - what an amazing night! That’s the kind of thing sissies like me have wet dreams about, but never get to experience. That sounds so incredibly hot…I don’t even know what to say.

I’ll be sure to include your name in future captions, as well as Judson when appropriate.

Thank you for the compliment on the captions Sir - I think it’s fair to say I am the queen of captions.

I hope you have another amazing night.

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