Sissy Cuck Humiliation
Sissy Sisters (part 1)

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Sissy Sisters (part 1)

The last thing I was expecting was for the doorbell to ring. It had been a long night, trying not to focus on the mental image of Don’s sperm swimming inside my fertile wife. I was feeling foggy and disoriented as I worked at cleaning up the table from breakfast.

Steph gave my thigh a slap. “Go answer the door, Crissy. What do we keep you around for? Jump to it, maid.”

I hated answering the door. The awkward silence the first time someone saw me in my makeup, stockings, and maid dress was always the worst.

This time was one of the worst ever.

Steph’s best friend Carrie looked me up and down, obviously trying not to laugh as I fidgeted awkwardly and asked her to come in. Her husband John was right behind her. I couldn’t even look at him. If only there was some way I could become invisible.

Carrie and Steph had always looked to me like they could have been sisters. One of my hottest fantasies was having a threesome with the two of them. I imagined their matching blonde hair bouncing as they shared my cock. Before Don came into our lives and locked up my clit, I had masturbated to that image countless times, wishing desperately that it could someday come true.

It was almost painfully hot watching the two of them greet and hug, their breasts touching briefly. I looked over at John. Surprisingly, he wasn’t chuckling at my situation at all. In fact, he seemed kind of nervous and scared. He stood timidly by the door, his slender frame looking almost as if he was trembling slightly. I didn’t make eye contact.

I was shocked as Don addressed him. “Hi John, it’s nice to finally meet you. Steph has told me so much about you and Carrie.”

With that, Don took Carrie’s hand and pulled her onto his lap. Carrie giggled, winking at my wife as her ass landed on his lap. I looked at John, who’s face was now turning bright red. I felt so sorry for him. I should have seen this coming. Of course Steph would try to convince Carrie to let Don take over their marriage as well.

Don wrapped his big arm firmly around Carrie. “Okay, first off, you are never to go by John again. From now on you are Prissy, got it?”

Prissy nodded her head.

“Good girl” Don smiled. “Now take off those boy clothes. You don’t get to wear those any more. And let’s see if you’ve been a good obedient little sissy.”

She had. I was impressed with how smoothly shaven Prissy was, and her clit was already neatly caged; a small silver padlock glimmering in the light from the window. Don repeated the same process with Carrie’s husband that I had gotten; a few minutes later there were some additional keys on Don’s keychain and a whipped pussyboy kneeling on the floor. I wondered if my fellow sissy knew how long it would be before she would get to feel anything on her clit again.


Steph and Carrie had obviously been talking about having babies for a long time. As Prissy and I knelt beside each other, our wives talked in excited tones about what pregnancy was going to be like. Don smiled smugly as they talked, enjoying the company of his bitches as their defeated husbands knelt nearby like the little pussies we were.

And then my ultimate fantasy became Don’s reality.

Steph and Carrie escorted him to the bedroom, starting to strip down as they walked. Prissy and I crawled behind, not daring to get too close to the action.

I wondered if Prissy was filled with the same horrible jealousy and envy I was feeling as they knelt together over Don on the bed. They were down to just their panties as they worked together to pull off his jeans. I thought I would scream in heart-wrenching jealousy as they took turns wrapping their lips around his big cock and nibbling on his balls.

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